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Life happened. My marriage exploded back in December 2013 (more on that here and here), and that has deeply impacted my journey as a woman, as a mama, and as a writer. It’s become clear to me that I can no longer write enough good words with enough ease to continue to create the magic of Witch Central. My heart no longer lives in the place where my witches are rooted. I've done my best to wrap things up with grace and with words I can be proud of. I am still writing, and my life has moved in some very good directions, but I don't think a return to my witches is in the cards.
I am a participant in Amazon's exclusive author program, so my books are only available on Amazon. Read on any computer, tablet, or smartphone with the free Kindle app.

I get asked all the time about the *right* order to read my witch books. I wish I could give you an easy answer! The truth is that I originally only planned to write the main series. Then you all started requesting more stories of your favorite characters, and all these "extra" books started happening :).

So I have two suggested orders for reading. Pick your favorite!

One Series at a Time

You'll never go wrong starting with the main series, and then reading the other books:

  1. Main Series: A Modern Witch, A Hidden Witch, A Reckless Witch, A Witch Central Wedding, A Nomadic Witch, A Different Witch, A Celtic Witch, Swordfights & Lullabies, A Lost Witch
  2. To Have and To Code (main series prequel)
  3. WitchLight Trilogy: Witches on Parole, Witches Under Way, Witches in Flight
  4. Witch Central Series: An Imperfect Witch, An Unlikely Witch, Feathers, A Dangerous Witch

Chronological Order

Want to hit everything in the books in exactly the right chronological order?

  1. To Have and To Code (if it's your first time reading, read A Modern Witch and then come back to this one)
  2. A Modern Witch
  3. A Hidden Witch
  4. WitchLight Trilogy - Witches on Parole, Witches Under Way, Witches in Flight
  5. A Reckless Witch
  6. A Witch Central Wedding
  7. A Nomadic Witch
  8. A Different Witch
  9. A Celtic Witch
  10. Swordfights & Lullabies
  11. A Lost Witch
  12. An Imperfect Witch
  13. An Unlikely Witch
  14. Feathers
  15. A Dangerous Witch

The books are all out in audio now!

I have made the hard decision to take down all my print editions. The complications of my move to Canada landed hard on getting print books out, and I finally had to quit beating my head against that particular brick wall. The books are all out in audio if ebook formats don't work for you.

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